For those on OS X who haven’t found Versions yet, its a great Subversion client for Mac.

At the moment the product is still in beta, each installation coming with a time limitation (usually replaced for free with another beta). Once released you’ll be able to buy Versions, unfortunately there’s no really info on what sort of price we can expect.

If you looking for a great GUI for Subversion for Mac, Versions is definitely worth downloading.

3 Responses to “Versions”

  1. Freddy D says:

    old news.
    OSX is written OS X
    and really has two L’s

  2. Freddy D says:

    spelling is a f****** when you are stoned half the time, eh, stone head?

  3. Tink says:

    I’ve sorted out the spelling errors for you so you can now understand what the post is about ;)

    “old news.”

    Don’t read it then, let alone spend time commenting on it.

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