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  1. Justin Webb says:


    After searching for ‘Spark TabbedNavigator’ on Google, I found your page on this blog http://www.tink.ws/blog/spark-datanavigators/#more-489 From there, I just visited your Google Code repository and couldn’t find any files to work with. Can you advise me on how to proceed? Is your library open source or proprietary?


    —Justin Webb

  2. Tink says:

    The classes are in the spark package here


    Best best is to check out the code via SVN (http://tink.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/).

    Then you’ll need to create a custom skin (duplicate the SkinnableDataNavigatorSkin and give it a new name), and add a TabBar in there, and set its dataProvider to be the DataNavigator instance.

  3. FM_Flame says:

    Hi, as I can see you have extended the spark components to add more functionality and some of the things I’ve read about are awsome examples. But I want to ask is there some short description what changes u’ve made for each class or I have to read the code to find out. I just downloaded everything and I am looking at the spark rect class and It’s not written why do you extend it (I tried to seach the blog for rect.. no luck). My point is that, I would use a better made class if I knew why it’s better, otherwise I would stick to flex default components, because when next version is out the custom ones may not work… And reading the code for each one to understand it.. is kinda timetaking.
    So could you point me in the right direction if there is some info about that somewhere, please ?
    And Keep up the good work, I can learn a lot from your blog and the way you play with components, cheers ! :)

    • Tink says:


      Unfortunately there’s no info on many of the classes. I will get some docs done at some point (I keep saying that).

      Over time I’ll probably do a post about items in there (although probably not about their updates), although as you mentioned I haven’t posted about Rect as yet.

      Rect works exactly the same way as the default Rect but lets you use custom strokes and fills (I’m not sure whether fills are useful at all due to being able to achieve the same effect with a BitmapFill and a dynamic BitmapData). This class was built as I wanted to draw a Rect with a dashed stroke. I built some AS classes but thought I might as well add a fxg type implementation as well. I’ve used it previously in a dropIndicator for a custom List.

      Due to the API for drawing your not able to specify a custom line style (only the weight and stuff), so you you want to draw with custom line styles all the drawing methods have to go through another class, and that can then draw to the Graphics instance. For this reason I wasn’t able to implement this in the default Rect, which was why this was created.

      You should be able to do the following now I’ve updated the manifest…

      <st:Rect width="100" height="100">
      		<st:SolidColorDash weight="2" dash="8" gap="4" color="0x999999"/>

      Obviously now the is a Rect built this way and an interface for the strokes, you could create all sorts of custom strokes, stitching, cross hatch, squiggle etc.

  4. FM_Flame says:

    Thanks! :) If I may suggest.. in the class, at the top just a short comment like //adds custom line styles; would be enough narrowing what’s the class about and wouldn’t take you much time explaining why you did it and how. I think that would be enough helpful info for me.. just to have an idea of what I am looking at :)

  5. First, thanks for all the work you’ve shared, I’ve used them a lot. Just curious if you keep both the svn and git repos in sync, or should I check one over the other first?

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