Stateful Skins in Flex

Nahuel Foronda has a post on stateful skins in the Flex 3.0, cool stuff that this has been added in Flex 3.0 beta 2, but not really biggy to re-create in previous versions of Flex 3.0.

Pretty pointless but all I did was copy all of Nahuel’s code (I had to change the paths to the images), and then just added a single switch statement.

Example here, right click for source.

I thought you’d be able to recreate this easily in Flex 2.0, but it becomes a pain because a Button in Flex 2.0 doesn’t have a ‘skin’ style. Creating your own button with this style should solve it though.

4 Responses to “Stateful Skins in Flex”

  1. No right click for source menu item…

  2. Tink says:

    Sorry bout that, fixed now.

  3. songhuan says:

    no. but the button have not the function of getTextField ,

  4. Two Inquiries:

    1. Say I wanted to change the label value on a state change. How would I address the button’s label?

    2. Any thoughts on incorporating Degrafa elements into a stateful skin?

    - The Saj

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