PV3DEffects for Flex Presentation Blazed!

Last month at the LFPUG I gave a presentation with the aim to give attendees some knowledge about Flex effects in general, how the small Papervision3D effects for Flex framework works, and how users can use these classes to create their own effects.

I run LFPUG pretty much alone and put a lot of time and effort into getting a decent meeting together each month. We are an independent user group, as thats what our users choose to remain.

I like to think of it as a place where people can share ideas, code, concepts and also test out the water at presenting certain subjects. I also welcome anyone to present (except those out to adevrtise alone), to hone their presenting skills, and for many, its the first time they have stood up and spoke infront of the public. I personally present on a regular basis at LFPUG filling any empty slots, and sometimes I just don’t have the time to spend days getting materials ready, and doing dummy runs before presenting live.

In hindsight, watching the video back it would have made more sense to show these effects in action before diving into the code and would have been nice to have had some graphics and UML showing the framework and how it links together as I was explaining it.

That said I came across a post by an attendee, that was just downright rude. You can view the offending post here and the presentation files and video here .

I can’t reply to this post as the blog throws an error when I try to post a comment ‘WordPress database error: [Duplicate entry '0' for key 1]‘, and therefore I decided to reply here.

I’m not sure what you was expecting but I thought the title and description was pretty explicit.

‘PV3D Effects for Flex
Effects in Flex are simple to apply and if used correctly enhance the UI. This session will show you how to apply and build 3D effects for Flex using Papervision3D.’

The concept of the presentation was to talk through the core library (and some of the core Flex library stuff so you understood how they worked) to enable attendees to go away and be able to build upon it. It wasn’t to showcase effects and make people say wow, as this IMO would have been a waste of time means I had posted the effects on my blog a week or so earlier and people don’t need me to stand in front of them to press a few buttons on screen to see the effects in action.

With statements like

and trying to figure out exactly how and where this fits in with the title of the talk – PAPERVISION

You obviously didn’t understand the presentation (and if that was because I bored you I apologize), but these effects all require a 3D engine to achieve perspective and I choose Papervison3D as its the most common library used in AS 3.0. The title of the talk wasn’t PAPERVISION.

This guy has just dropped the title paperVision into the title of his talk to get people in the door

I’m pretty speechless at that comment.

but it just flipped a flat object 360 degress, we were soo close to booo-ing and walking out of there

These effects enable 3D transitions of UIComponents (flat objects) in Flex, and more importantly between the children of common containers such as ViewStack, and can be applied in exactly the same way as the effects that come with Flex for consistency and ease of use.

Left a huge amount of distrust in his audience for lying to them all and getting people in one place to sell an idea of his that the world just isnt ready for, hes trying to change the core library’s of flex, before anyones really used them yet.

1. I didn’t lie to anyone.
2. The framework doesn’t change any of the Flex core libraries, its built upon the core library, extending TweenEffect and TweenEffectInstance.
3. Lots of people use effects and understand them. They are a core part of achieving transitions in Flex/AIR applications.

2. sat thought the first talk which was amazing (if you liked being told what gotoAndPlay() does)

The title of this presentation was ‘An Introduction to AS3: The First 5 Things You’ll Want to do With ActionScript 3′ and that was exactly what it covered. As I mention below, a comment like this is neither helpful or constructive. It was Jolyon’s first time presenting in public and I can only thank him for taking the time to put a presentation together and applaud him for putting himself out there to share the information he learned recently whilst experimenting with AS 3.0. You can’t have been listening as wasn’t any mention of gotoAndPlay() or timelines for that matter.

So as mentioned previously, I’m sorry if both presentations bored you (especially mine) and that you are not interested in what is going on behind the scenes in Flex or the small framework I put together. I can’t help but feel that you misunderstood the title and that it was probably over your head, but its impossible to cater for everyone at a group like LFPUG. I know that people did get something from the talk, and 2 attendees are currently using it in their Flex apps as well as multiple others who have contacted me and were not attendees.

I have for years been giving back to the community and I’m always open to constructive criticism but can’t help feel that the tone of the post is pretty rude and not constructive in any way. It wasn’t so long ago that you boss was apologizing to me for acting publicly in the same manner.

I hope for all of our sakes that he reads this, and gets in contact so i can have a quite word.

So I have read this, you can have your quiet word, or you could have had you quiet word on the night, or maybe even on Wednesday if I can make it.

Anyone…. please! Show us a good seminar to go to – everyone we go to is well below par for your average get together! This is probably the the main reason for us starting our own Flex user group (flexlondon.org)

As far as I am aware all these meetings so far have consisted of people sitting round and having a drink in a pub, relying on Adobe this month to get a presentation together, so please inform me what makes your group so much better than every other seminar you go to?

(state of mind: very bored and frustrated, thanking my lucky stars i invited a friend outside the company who had an endless supply of moo stickers we started to….. well…. stick on things)

I will finishing off with saying that it is a slur on yourself and the company at which you work, for allowing you to post information like this on their blog. It’s hard enough to find a venue to hold these talks without attendees acting so disrespectful. It also doesn’t look good on Adobe supporting you guys with the Flex user group if you think this is acceptable behavior at these kind of events. I’ll be contacting the venue to find out what damage you did, if any, and passing your details.

As Russell has asked me to get in touch I will give him a call in the morning so that he can have his quiet word with me, and I’ll update this post with his words of wisdom.

20 Responses to “PV3DEffects for Flex Presentation Blazed!”

  1. Steve says:

    The nerve of some people. What a jerk-off. It’s one thing to attend a free event and walk out when you feel it’s not worth your time. It’s quite another to be a jackass in public and criticize someone else for putting forth the energy to share.

  2. Campbell says:

    Yeah I think his post was possibly the wrong way to go about this, which makes your response understandable.

    I help out with the NZ User Group, and although I know my presentation skills probably leave a lot to be desired ( not saying yours do Tink ) for someone to make the effort to get a presentation together and present, I know I would not be pleased with the tone of that post, kinda rude really!

  3. Chester says:

    Who the F*ck is Russell anyway?

  4. Tink says:

    @ Chester

    He’s one of your employees and your right-hand man for the Flex user group.

  5. Russell says:

    Hello everybody – tis the, err ‘Jerk off’ as one guy rightly describes, and quite rightly so. I hope everyone can except a humble apology for this ‘rant’ that i wrote. I have learnt from this stupid mistake to only write posts when I’m in the mood to write constructively and not to just have a moan. In future i will bring out the good and bad points an weight them out in a conclusion. – I have taken this post down due to how inappropriate it is.

    Just for the record, I have huge admiration for this guy who is able do his job as a developer/company founder (which we all know takes up a lifetime), have a life of normality and give a huge amount of time to organizing a monthly event that enriches and inspires people. without stuff like this – we wouldn’t be left with much would we – people like me should just learn to keep their mouths clothes and think before speaking.

    Sorry guys – especially to Stephen Downs and Jolyon Russ. I’m feeling very much like you do when you wake up in the morning and cringe at what you did the night before

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  7. Russell says:

    Stephen – Ive been trying to find your email address with no success, could you get in contact with me to discuss something. cheers

  8. Jonathan says:


    Sounds like its time for a lessons learned post and a manual on how to conduct yourself before… during .. and after a meeting. I am sure you are not the first and will not be the last person to conduct themselves inappropriately. It would be good to point people to a document who choose the same path you traveled. Lets move on.

  9. Keith Peters says:

    From my own experience, it’s pretty easy to criticize stuff like people’s writing, public speaking, etc. when you haven’t done much of it yourself. Once you’ve seen the effort that goes into doing these things, even when they don’t actually turn out that great, you are a lot more forgiving, especially when you get some harsh criticism yourself, after trying your best.

  10. Tink says:

    As mentioned in this post I did give Russell a call this morning so that he could have his quiet word with me, where he apologized for the post, and his apology was accepted and will be sealed with a beer at some time in the future.

    I appreciate the all the support I have been given on this matter.

    As Jonathan states above, lets move on.

  11. Steve says:

    Here, here:) Good outcome – heartwarming (kinda). Not a bad idea Jonathan – sharing experience of do’s and dont’s that’s the power of community!

  12. ryan says:

    hey tink. I thought your presentation was awesome. I . really enjoyed learning how to add pv3d effects to flex. Please don’t let any ignorant opinions get in the way of your work. Thanks for sharing.

  13. creacog says:

    As someone who typically works alone, or who is the sole ActionScript expert on a job, I find the sessions really useful to benchmark my own methods against. Even the sessions aimed at beginners can reveal approaches or the odd little nugget that I might not have considered. The more advanced or specialised sessions are generally mind expanding and inspirational. You and the other speakers of the last 12 months or so have my sincere thanks.

  14. Good Title says:

    Hi there, Very nice place you have here. Youve done a good job & awesome blog on PV3DEffects for Flex Presentation Blazed!!

  15. JB77UK says:

    Thought it was a great presentation – inspired me to look into Flex & PV3D. Only suggestion would be (and this applies to anyone presenting) is to give a brief preview of what we are working towards – to help put it in context…

    Look forward to the next one, keep up the great work making it happen Tink

  16. VocalPlayboy says:

    They’re abreviated just like us but better than that they sure know how to disrespect your mumma. So Russell this one is just for you…

    QOTSA + LFPUG Vs Russell:

    You see that guy in the shirt ‘that’s you that is!’

    @Tink Don’t be so nice in the future – He’s obviously trying to promote his narrow minded views whilst rubbishing everything you’ve made ;)

  17. Kalvin says:

    From reading the original post, I am both surprised and quiet shocked by the backlash that has followed. This was a personal opinion but no-one has been personally insulted. I see that people may be offended but this is just a matter of opinion this guy has apologised quiet adequately and is now being personally insulted for having an opinion on the matter. I think it is within anyone right to put forward they’re opinion and without both positive and negative feedback how will we know to improve, after all we learn from our mistakes and thus improve. free event or not – feedback is necessary, this may have come across as rude but at the end of the day this is just a matter of opinion – although i do not strongly agree with Russels point of view a am behind him in having the right to opinion and the . the content may have been bad in this review but the point is still right to express it.

  18. Tink says:


    You are quite right in saying that Russell has apologised and the apology was accepted (still gotta get that beer though).

    I also agree that some of the responses here are as bad as the original post that I responded to. Not sure if i should censor these or not?

    I do have to say though that at the time I was personally insulted, especially for being branded a liar.

  19. Ace says:

    i don’t understand any of the things you are talking about. but i enjoyed reading it.

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