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I came to install some software today and found that I didn’t have enough space. I really couldn’t work out where the 100GB had disappeared to and was recommended Disk Inventory X which is a great free little tool that gives you quick access to the size of folders and files and a tree map representation of the space they are using (sounds like another tool you could build in Apollo).

Also a nice little plugin is WiFind which shows you the signal strength of wireless networks and whether they are locked of not directly in the airport menu. Now why didn’t Apple think of that!

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  1. Tink, thanks for posting this … as I’ve always had XP counterparts but no good OSX tool.

    In terms of tools … yet another is FoneLink. Syncs up your mobile device to your Mac (well my Nokia N95, anyways).

    On a related note … Nokia needs to wake up a start offering a port of PC Suite for Mac … especially since there will no doubt be an enhanced sync tool for Leopard and the iPhone.

    Then again, perhaps Nokia doesn’t care much for what they think is still 2% of the Personal computer market (I think that number is much greater now).

  2. I think a tool called OmniDisk (OSX) does the same job of breaking folders down by size. Not sure if it’s free or not.

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