Obligatory New Year Post

2005 was a great year for me work wise. The Flash Platform contiunes to go from strength to strength and I met so many Flash developers from around the world this year that i had huge respect for and now consider good friends.

From the post below you can see I got involved in my first book and I’ve worked on some great projects with some really cool people. Got myself out the FiTC, Flash Forward and Spark Europe and had a great time at them all (maybe too great, but hell i can’t help having fun!). I’ve also got more and more involved in the London User Group although I’ve spent less and less time on forums due to lack of time. I also joined IFBIN as an author which was another achievement to be listed amonst the amazing developers there.

Personally 2005 was pretty stressfull. I got very little time for anything but work, but i guess something has to give somewhere. I hope to try and balance this out a bit more in the coming year.

So this year… I still love Flash! I want to continue to get more and more involved and progress my skills. I have a couple of books lined up, I will be speaking at webdu in March, a new company in the pipeline and already a lot of work lined up. Looks busy already!!!

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