Miserable Bank Holiday: Don’t Let the Neighbours Chill!

It’s wet and windy outside, everyone’s off work, so it’s a great chance to dub out your neighbours.

Boost up your speakers, max out the bass and ignore the door!

After Dark 08/05/2007

6 Responses to “Miserable Bank Holiday: Don’t Let the Neighbours Chill!”

  1. Having witnesses one of Tink’s flush-your-neighbour-out sessions I’d like to point out that I’m glad I don;t live next door to him.
    Come on Tink, be nice, after all she did let us reverse your sofa into her hallway… without that you’d still be living on the stairs :-)

  2. Blimey, I rang your buzzer twice earlier on today (about 5:30ish) on my way through Islington, you really must have had that on pretty loud mate!

  3. Tink says:

    Ah my neighbours are cool ;)

    I popped out in the afternoon to sample some of the rain.

  4. LOL! Right on!! That track that you posted is killer!!

  5. your neighbours says:

    I’m guessing that, as a child, the only way you could get the attention you so desperately craved was to be ‘naughty’ and shout and scream and you’ve never dealt with it, never grown up.
    Noise pollution is the selfish pastime of the terminally insecure.
    Get some headphones, cunt.

  6. Tink says:

    Classic reply!!!

    You gotta feel the bass.

    What number are you at? ;)

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