Media Temple Grid-Server

Last week I upgraded to Media Temples new Grid-Server which was rather painless.

The grid server has Features Include:
100 GBs of premium storage
1 TB of short-path bandwidth
Host up to 100 individual sites
1000 email accounts
64 MB Ruby/Mongrel container
and (whooohoooo) Subversion and more…

They have also added a great new interface for managing the site (just a same it wasn’t done in Flex).

If your hosted by Media Temple you might be interested in a new forum set up by Brajeshwar specifically for people using MT hosting at

8 Responses to “Media Temple Grid-Server”

  1. sam says:

    grid server is terrible for mysql apps. it crashes down everyday. do NOT use this host if you use MYSQL at all

  2. Tink says:

    I’m using MYSQL and its been ok (although it has been down now and then, which i put down to being a early adopter on the server). I know others who are using it as well and haven’t heard any strong complaints like that.

  3. Keith Peters says:

    Hey Tink. I’ve been thinking of moving over to mt, and in fact ran across your blog entry just doing a google search to see what people think of it. I’d like to check out the mtforum site, but at the moment it’s throwing a mysql error! oops!

  4. karmadude says:

    Sam is right, my wordpress blogs on media temple gridserver has been consistently going down everyday. They claim they are working on it, haven’t seen any fixes yet. The service is only down a few minutes, but it can be annoying if you are in the middle of updating your blog.

  5. Ross says:

    I’d stay away from the “grid” server for a bit until they work out the bugs


  6. the honest truth says:

    the only thing slower than the grid is MT’s response time to trouble tickets
    RUN AWAY!!!

  7. Kyle says:

    The NOV 30th “maintenance” was supposed to be 1.5 hours, then they changed it to 6 and now “they don’t know” I am seriously pissed at these guys. I wasted over a hundred dollars in PPC clicks going to a site that isn’t there.

    This massive outage is unacceptable I am definetly moving my servers elsewhere…

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