London MMUG Videos March 2006

We had a great attendance at last nights user group and one lucky winner walked away with a copy of Adobe Video Bundle.

Emmanuel and Aral both did great presentations, most of which i caught on video and can be viewed here. Unfortunately Aral’s presentation is cut short because there was just too much to fit on my SD card.

Not sure how long they will last due to bandwidth, but i thought i’d give it a go.

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  1. cisnky says:

    Yep, it was a top night. I was hoping to do a BD4D special and walk away with the top prise. But it wasn’t to be. (Can we use business cards next time?)

    Both talks were really good. (Would loved to have seen practical examples of the unit testing by Emmanuel)

    Here’s to the next one!!!

  2. Pete says:

    hey good effort to tape these sessions. maybe the user groups audio could make a great podcast…

  3. Tink says:


    Unfortunately in a drunken stupor the other night I lost the camera so I’m not sure whether I’m going to be able to record this months.

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