London Flash Platform User Group November 2006

We’ll be back at the Play Bar this month with 2 great sessions and then some late night debautury.

First up Adam Robertson will be showing us all how to produce and view Flash content on Linux. Following Adam, Steve Webster will be delving into the world of E4X.

Big thanks to Rob Bateman for a fantastic presentation last month (video is now online) and thanks to friends of ED who are constant supporters of LFPUG.

London Flash Platform User Group 30th November 2006 (30/11/2006).

In December we won’t have any presentation and instead we’ll just have a social. I’m interested to know how much people are willing to spend (I’ve been thinking we could go to a comedy night and have Xmas dinner etc. looks about £40 + drinks). Can you leave a comment if you would be up for that, or if not any ideas you might have.

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  1. Mike G says:

    Hi Tink,
    Christmas is always a head ache when it comes to “Fitting everything in”. When do you plan the Xmas Soiree? Is it before or after Xmas? If I am available I am game for a little something diferent. How about a couple of laptops swinging from a pole on a table!?!? (hi).
    I now know I am available for FOTB. Did you mention that you can get a huge discount for bone fide LFPUG attendees? Please let me know.
    Stay Happy

  2. Tink says:

    It would be before Xmas. I’m just thinking it would be nice to go out somewhere other then just the pub together. It has to be somewhere where everyone will feel welcome.

    And yep we have a discount. I’ve mailed u the details.

  3. MK says:

    Wow, perfect timing for the LFPUG – I’ll be able to see this one in person. I’m coming there on the 28th.


  4. DannyT says:

    Tink mate, can you send me details of the FOTB discount for lfpug’ers. Sorry for posting here, can’t find your email addy anywhere.


  5. xmas do would be nice, I’d try and make it if at all poss.


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