London Flash Platform User Group August 2006

Big thanks to AKQA for hosting last months event. This month we’re back at the Play Bar.

This time we have Andrew Shorten from Adobe showing use some Apollo stuff (without breaking any NDA’s :) ) and we have a team from Glue London to talk us through some of there recent flash/video work.

We have the venue until 2am so we can celebrate 10 year of Flash in style without wandering the streets.

Also last month videos and presentations are now online Development Techniques for Localizing Flash (27/07/2006), Introduction to Flash 9 (27/07/2006) (eeerrrr unfortunately eeeerrr the camera errr buggered eeer up on the eeerrr second session, so errrr there is only eeerrr 15 mins of eeerrr video).

London Flash Platform User Group 24th August 2006 (24/08/2006). See ya there!!

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  1. Jolyon says:

    WooHoo first reply!!!

    I’ll be there, sounds like another great lineup.


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