Installing Flex Builder 2.0 on your Mac

I bought a PowerBook when i needed a laptop a while back. Although I’ve always used PC’s it made sense to get a Mac as it would give the the extra platform to test on.

So i’ve had been thinking about having a crack at installing Flex Builder 2.0 so I can mess with AS 3.0 on the Powerbook for a while. I’ve read a few threads about it being installed on a Mac but just avoided it cos i thought it could be such a hassle. Tonight i decided to give it a go my starting point Grant’s thread. So i was reading about installing flCompile and then read a few of the comments and found this posted by Carlington.


It’s actually quite possible to use Eclipse + Zorn-plugin (Flex2) on OS X. What’s lacking is the mxml side of things in Flex2-projects, but Actionscript 3.0 projects work like a charm with breakpoints, runtime variable debugging, keywords etc.

Just get the zorn* files from the “features” and “plugins”-folders from the windows-installation and copy these to your Eclipse installation on OS X.

To sum things up:
1. Install Eclipse 3.1.1 on OS X
2. Install on Windows and copy the “zorn*” files from “features” and “plugins” to Eclipse-installation-folder on OS X, or alternatively get these from the plugin-installation zip-file. However make sure you unpack the *.jar files to folders.
3. Install mxmlc on your path, /Library/Flex2/ for instance.
4. Start new Actionscript project on OS X’

Well it works a treat. Just copy the files across from your PC and your ready to roll.

Wish I’d sorted that ages ago now!

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  1. Matt says:

    Hey Tink

    I’m trying this hack, but I can’t parse this step:

    3. Install mxmlc on your path, /Library/Flex2/ for instance.

    What do you mean by this? I’m ignorant.



  2. Dave says:

    Really want to get this to work with Eclipse on Mac, but don’t readily have access to a PC. I tried to unzip the exe but can’t get to the required folders. Any chance of hosting a zip with the required files?

  3. Looks like they’ve renamed everything for Flex Builder Beta 2.0 – com.adobe.flexbuilder.something

    I’ll have a go at this this arvo and get back…

  4. John Kirby says:

    I have created a “zorn.tar” of the features and Plugins for the flex builder 2.0 plugin for eclipse. Works on Mac now :-)

  5. sam says:

    hey jo, where can i find your zorn.tar creation?
    thanks .

  6. billyblue says:

    Hey there!
    I tried so much ways to run Eclipse with Flex2 on OSX – but nothing worx – does anyone have a working idea!? -.-

    - bb

  7. Minh Tahn says:

    I now hate the Adobe cuz they never make Flex Builder 2 for Mac like they said. They lie and love Microsoft. Why does anyone use this unsophistication, ugly, broken Microsoft? In my country we can’t stand this things from Windows. They are boring and ugly and always spying and bugging. People developers for this Windows make ugly user applications that are for Americans and moms. Open source peoples and Linux of the world is smarter, and Macintosh also smarter with visioning, and special user experiences of open source too. Now the marcomedias have to be gone into the Adobe which we can see is just Windows. Why do they do most of the Windows and not for more Linuxes and Macs? I hate them this Adobes. People in my country hates things like Adobe now too. They are smoolies to everybody but the dum Windows people that use Microsoft for some reason. We hate that. Adobe just sells Microsoft tings now for most of the time. I tell people I wish they would hate Adobe too and not use Adobe softwares for any of this badness. Please don’t use Adobes and Windows, they are bad things.

  8. Tink says:

    Hi Minh

    Now the marcomedias have to be gone into the Adobe which we can see is just Windows. Why do they do most of the Windows and not for more Linuxes and Macs

    This is a ludicrus comment. Photoshop and Illustrator and mainly used on Macs all over the world by creatives. As far as I know all Adobe’s products run on a Mac as well as Windows and i presume Flex Builder for Mac will be released in due course!!! Just be patient.

  9. keiron77 says:

    When I was at Adobe a few weeks ago they said that they are bringing out Flex Builder for Macs, they just haven’t finished it yet. Most of the workers at Adobe use Macs over Windows anyway. They brought it out on Windows 1st as most programmers use Windows over Macs to program – its mainly creatives that use macs – and Flex is a developers tool more than a designers.

  10. Andrew says:

    “Whats lacking is the MXML side of things”… I don’t think, if you have this xsd, that is true. I’ve got code hinting working in eclipse for mxml, but this is a nice tip Tink, I haven’t tried what your post is about.

    MXML schema

    How to use it – though i think this post was for flex 1.5, worked for me. Note, lately, i’ve had trouble accessing the WTP update site, but it worked about a month ago for me.

  11. Henrik says:

    Hey thanks for the xsd, looking like crazy for that now…
    I’ve made various attempts at getting the flex plugins working, installed on virtual pc and copied everything over and unpacked the jars, but it cant find the jar files when i try to make a new project in eclipse…
    i noticed that there is one manifest separate from the jar, and a manifest file in the jar as well… so how should i arragen this, edit the manifest file, place the extracted jars in a subfolder?
    Or is using the plugin not possible since the official flex 2 release?
    someone also mentioned a zorn.tar, anyone know where i can get this one from?

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