H.264 Video for Flash

This is a massive step in the right direction. I remember some time back when the On2 codec was introduced people were asking about H.264 and it the responsed was that is was too CPU intensive, which I guess now must have been resolved.

You will soon (with the release of Flash Player 9 Update 3 Beta 2 be able load and play .mp4,.m4v,.m4a,.mov and .3gp without any chances to your code.

Adobe official announcement here and there’s also some invaluable info going into the details of the implementation over at Tinics blog here.

The update als0 includes:
1. Enhancements to full-screen mode to use hardware scaling for improved video performance and quality on systems running Windows 2000 and newer or Mac OS X 10.2 and newer.
2. Faster rendering of vector graphics on multi-core CPUs.
3. Higher quality and performance for downscaling large bitmaps (SWF 9 only).
4. Support for caching common platform components, such as the Flex framework, to reduce average application sizes. This feature is enabled in the Flex 3 beta available on Adobe Labs.
5. Support for full-screen mode on Linux.

Wanna test it out? Well you can as the player is available on labs here.

4 Responses to “H.264 Video for Flash”

  1. johannes says:

    link to labs donno work

  2. uksal says:

    Hi Tink,
    am confused about one thing. Do I need to have FMS in order to play
    .mp4,.m4v,.m4a,.mov and .3gp or is it ok to play them on any server?

    thank u

  3. Tink says:

    No you don’t need FMS unless you want to stream (and in that case you’ll have to wait for an update of FMS). You can progressively download any of those files types in the new player.

    You can download the player now, why not give it a go.

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