Foundation ActionScript Animation

Foundation ActionScript Animation: Making Things Move!

Late yesterday i got a review copy of the first 4 chapters for this book and it looks absolutley fantastic. Honestly you really oughta look into pre-ordering this book if you deal with Flash and scripted motion, or you want to progress from timeline animation to scripted animation.

My main interest is in interaction and animation and his book looks like its gonna cover everything you would need to know and thats includes Flash 8 stuff! This is now Keith’s nineth book and it seems to me hes become a seasoned writer. As soon as i started reading this book cheered me up. He has a knack of writing serious content in a light hearted way.

The contents is massive and it doesn’t leave anyone out. I know the title says ‘Foundation’, and although this book does cover foundation stuff it goes on to cover all areas of scripted animation in depth. It starts by covering the concepts of animation and how the term animation is defined.

It then goes on to show you the various ways you can achieve animation in Flash, with quick examples you can test. This covers frame passed, loop based and event based animation.

The comes the dreaded trigonometry. There are some great examples in here and tips for using trig in Flash. Each is worked through and explained throughly with important stuff you should remember really shoved in your face. The chapter ends in showing you how to achieve various paths of animation using trigonometry.

So after you know about animation, how to achieve it, and how to define the path you want you properties to animate on what do you need to know next. Oh yeah how to render the anaimations on screen. This chapter covers the drawing API, filters, matrix’s, hexidecimal color values etc… etc…

Stuff to come in later chapters?
Velocity, boundaries user interaction, easing, collision, attraction, kinematics, 3D and a whole chapter dedicated tips and tricks.

I highly recommend you go order this book. I’d like to hear from anyway who says it isn’t invaluable!

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  1. James Hay says:

    I’ve been getting more and more into my experiments lately and the bit-101 lab is where i go when i’m bored. Will definately be buyin this book, when it’s out at the end of the month

  2. Tink says:

    From what i read its a wise buy!

  3. Jaxim says:

    I’ve been looking for flash related math discussed in one book, from the fundamental principles to the practical examples. It looks like this book may be the book I’ve been looking for.

    There’s one thing that’s stopping me from purchasing this book today, and I was hoping someone who has the book can tell me if the following subject is covered.

    Does the book cover a discussion on particle/swarm creation? The kind of the effect that you see when you mouseover a section of a flash site and a whole mess of mosquitoes, snowflakes, or whatever graphic randomly move and follow the mouse arrow?

    If anyone know if this topic is or is not covered in this book, please let me know. Thanks!

  4. morganusvitus says:

    The site looks great ! Thanks for all your help ( past, present and future !)

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