Flash, Flex & AIR Package Names

flash = Flash Player & AIR
fl = Flash
mx = Flex & AIR
air = AIR

Make any sense? Explicit for new users? Does anyone know why the legacy mx is still around?

A while back I suggested the following, and it was brought up in conversation again the other day…

player = Flash Player
flash = Flash
flex = Flex
air = AIR

To be honest I thought the feature request would get quashed straight away, but it’s still there and open. Want to see package names cleaned up for future releases? It’s up to us!

11 Responses to “Flash, Flex & AIR Package Names”

  1. joshspoon says:

    That would make everything easier

  2. Great idea Tink. I’ll go comment in the bug base to reinforce it.

  3. Chad says:

    There definitely needs to be something done, because as it is right now, it’s soup. Great idea on your break down of the names, though.

  4. aYo says:

    Its a cool idea Tink. By the way long time no see. How are things?

  5. Tink says:

    Yeah I’m very good bud. FOTB?

    Will we see you in the bar this time?

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  7. Ozgur Uksal says:

    It is a nice suggestion Tink. It is annoying to use nonsense package names like mx etc. It is a good idea to have
    player = Flash Player
    flash = Flash
    flex = Flex
    air = AIR

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  9. Campbell says:

    With that and threading I would be a happy boy ;)

  10. Changing packages of existing code would have some pretty huge compatibility problems. But we are working on packaging guidelines for our stuff moving forward.

  11. Tink says:

    Hey Matt

    Pretty much why I thought the suggestion would be quashed straight away. That said the package name are in a pretty mixed up state at the moment.

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