FiTC 2007

Things are beginning to come back under control and I really wanted to do a little write up to thank Shawn and eveyone involved in FiTC for a great conference. The team put hell of a lot of effort in behind the scenes (any of you up in the early hours of the morning hiding from hotel security with me will know what I’m on about).

There we’re some great sessions and great parties (I think FiTC has the best parties of all the conferences), and there is a great mix of people who attend FiTC.

Favourite sessions where the Red5 session with Chris and John what showcasing some of the experimental sound stuff they have been working on and Marcos Weskcamp’s session which he talked through some of his experimental work and then the theory and some of the code behind one of his recent works for Wieden+Kennedy.

As usual I met a load of real cool people out there, some that I already knew and some that I met for the first time so thanks to everyone who made my stay fun! I know I have a load of people to get in touch with, just bear with me.

If you get a chance to go to FiTC in Toronto, don’t miss it!

Also thanks to Keith and Sam for putting me up.

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  1. simonconlin says:

    it was easy to hide if you had a mask to hide behind :)

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