Dead Links?

I’ve recently moved my blog and files around on the server.

If you find any dead links please comment here and i’ll sort them out.

5 Responses to “Dead Links?”

  1. Deapoh says:

    I will point you here: as you still have not changed the link and I am getting annoyed.

    The way you have linked this set automatically downloads the file bypassing tracklist, file info, user comments, ratings which will come soon and quite important the number of hits the download gets.

    Please change the link.


  2. Tink says:

    All right, all right, chill out man!

    When u posted your comment the link your left was dead, so I didn’t update it. Since then I’ve been busy and well.. forgot about it.

    Consider it changed.

    Out of interest why can’t people link to the downloads directly and bypass the page in between? Why does it annoy you so much?

  3. Deapoh says:

    Thanks and sorry about the dead link on my end, I changed the script to stop the bypass.

    The reasons as follows:

    The user will not see the file info, length, size, upload date and also will not see the tracklist and other file information. Also they will not see the user comments and ratings which are under construction. Also bypassing the the stats counter. I’m keeping a log of how many downloads each file gets and the ones with the smallest downloads and days hosted ratio will be deleted from the server.

    Hope you understand,


  4. Tink says:

    Sounds sensible! Thanks for the follow up.

  5. Deapoh says:

    Thanks, and sorry to make it an issue.

    Big up on the linkage though,


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