A couple of weeks ago I made a post about using Repeaters in ViewStacks and I mentioned in the post I’d put together a class called DataStack that worked in the same way as a ViewStack but was driven by a dataProvider.

I then realized that using a Repeater inside a ViewStack would achieve the same result, but one thing I didn’t mention is that the DataStack re-uses its children like itemRenderers.

This means that if you only add one child to a DataStack, but supply a dataProvider with 1000 items, it will only create the one child and re-use it, unlike the Repeater and ViewStack combination which would create 1000 instances of the same child.

In addition recently I added a little more code so that you can add more than a single child to the DataStack and it will cycle through through them as you change the selectedIndex. So if you supply 2 different children and a dataProvider of 1000 items, it will reuse each child 500 times, the child at index 0 for all the data at the even indices, and the child at index 1 for all the data at the odd indices.

Due to the fact that DataStack isn’t a ViewStack (i.e. it extends Container not ViewStack), it won’t work with the Efflex viewStackEffects, and therefore I created a dataStack effect for Efflex and an example that extends it.

DataStack Example (right click for source).

The source for DataStack can be downloaded from our Google Code repository.

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  1. ThaStyle says:

    Once again thanks bro, and i noticed this part when i used flexspy, huge memory leaks with datarepeaters , i used it to display some blog stuff more then 5 was suckin the cpu..
    maybey a stupid question i had this with the datarepeater example too, when i have this one inside of another container with a effect it will trigger that one too, to solve this i manually added and removed the parent container effects. is there a better way ??

  2. Tink says:

    NOt sure I entirely understand the problem mate. Can you put a simple example together and put it online somewhere with view source enabled?

  3. ThaStyle says:

    Thanks for ur responce will put one as fast as i can, i think i already know where the problem is, this behaviour happens when i use the addChild method, what i am trying to is have a arraycollection with pages those pages have a template_id, on effect start remove all added stuff , on effect end build container , and add the classes ..
    when i call a function that removes or adds children inside that visible and effect done container it will replay the effect of its owner, i tried about all i could think off, inherit false, maybey is what i want not possible, and i do have to intialiase . all the containers before using any effect…
    i know a viewstack is a simple component, and that it just hides the other children, but i wanna use all ur nifty efflex stuff :) , i think the odd or even option is great this way i already have much more control can use one dummy for loading and one for actual stuff.. thanks again

  4. Hi Tink,
    I just read your post on DataStack and really liked it.

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  5. Tink says:

    Well I’m flattered Randy.

    Consider it done (I feel a bit like a naughty spammer).

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