Bi-Directional Text Support for Flash Player 10

Matt Chotin announced on the Flex Components list that bi-directional text is commited for the next version of the Flash Player also confirmed by Emmy Huang yesterday.

To address the shortcomings and limitations, we are improving the text layout capabilities in the next Flash Player so that at a low level it will enable support of bi-di and complex text in your applications. The new low level text framework will be used to build text components (probably a library of text components) with greater functionality than what we have today.

I’m surprised the blogosphere is so quiet about it, as its been a requested feature from the community for ages.

This is a massive upgrade for the Flash Player, opening up and huge new market for Flash and Flex.

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  1. John Dowdell says:

    I’m glad you feel the same as me. But right now may not be the best time to speak of it… script-direction is a huge area, with many surprising demands, and is particularly tricky across operating systems. I think we’ll need to wait for the first implementation to see what we’ve actually got.

    (Some languages mix RTL and LTR in the same text chunk… numerals are another situation with full bi-di… dealing with mixed languages in a chunk is another problem… ligatures and connections are another complicated area… then there’s dynamic text and user-entered text as well. There’s a whole range of problems in the general area of script direction, particular when working across varied levels of system-level support for such writing systems.)

    As David Mendels has said on the lists in the past, support for all writing systems within the universal Player has been desired internally for many years. I’m sorta happy that Matt had that little leak, and that Emmy confirmed it… it will be good to see some progress in this area. We’ll still need to wait for a bit, to see what can actually be achieved, though.


  2. WOW!!!! This is fantastic news! I’ve been waiting for something like this to drop for a while now. I really do hope they can get hardware acceleration in Flash Player 10 which would really make Flash 100% Feature Complete ( at least until Flash Player 11… lol ). Thanks for posting!


  3. Magdy says:

    Yes, at last you did it Adobe, now I can use it to make my new chat application, it will be used with Arabic users.
    Could any one give us more info for these components, and how to use them ??

    thabx 4 all

  4. Tink says:


    This is something that Adobe are looking into. No components or anything you can use yet.

  5. ahmad says:


    Till Flash 10 is released, for anyone who’s interested in RTL (Arabic, Persian and Urdu), LTR (English, French, Spanish and Italian) bidirectional text in Flash, I’ve made a new version of Flaraby, Flaraby3, which solves great deal of the problem.

    You can have more info and download a free lite version from here:

    Thank you.

  6. Tink says:


    Yeah i should have linked your librray in the original post. Great work!

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