We built this component some time ago for use on a gaming/gambling site.

We required a way to alert the user that something important was going on in one of their games, but we didn’t want to use a popup, blocking the user from their current interaction. This was because the user may have been in the process of doing something important or timed.

Each game sat inside its own view component, and these were then housed in the AlertTabNavigator. It enabled use to show when a view required attention, without getting in the way.

Here’s a couple of examples. The first shows how dispatching an event from one of the children on the AlertTabNavigator updates the tab to show its alert styles, or resort back to its standard non alert styles. Selecting an alerted tab, always dismisses the alert.

(right click for source).

This example was more alike to how we used it. Each game had its own model which is was bound to. The view would just re-dispatch the 2 AlertEvent types when caught from their model. I’ve just set this up with a simple Timer in the example below.

(right click for source).

AlertTabNavigator extends PositionedTabNavigator.

The source for AlertTabNavigator, AlertTabBar, AlertTab & AlertEvent can be downloaded from our Google Code repository

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