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MultipleSelectButtonBar & CheckBoxBar

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Following on from my post last week on RadioButtonBar, I also wanted to create s:CheckBox instances in the same way.

As you well know groups of check boxes work in a different way to radio buttons, in that multiple check boxes can be selected at the same time. This meant that a standard s:ButtonBar could be used as its only allows a single item to be selected (like a s:RadioButtonGroup).



Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

For a long time using Flex 3 I was always happy using mx:RadioButton along with mx:RadioButtonGroup. Some time back it dawned on me that I generally lay these buttons out in some formal layout, either horizontally, vertically or tiled, and that it would be easier to drive them via data, the selected data item being passed to a service at some point.

With this conclusion I thought I could just create a st:RadioButtonItemRenderer by extending s:RadioButton and implementing s:IItemRenderer to use it in a s:ButtonBar, which would have all the qualities of a s:RadioButtonGroup. This is all that is really required to create a group of buttons that each act and look like a set radio buttons where only 1 can be selected, but for ease of use I also added a st:RadioButtonBar and st:RadioButtonBarSkin.


London Flash Platform User Group November 2010

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

My thanks go out to Alastair Dant, David Fox, Richard Lord, Cat Burton, Martyn Jones, Conrad Winchester, George Profenza all who have presented at LFPUG since I last posted here and Veronique Brossier Julian Dolce, Hugh Elliot, Ralph Hauwart, Jon Howard, Seb Lee-Delisle, Niqui Merret, Stacey Mulachy, Chris Pelsor, Rich Shupe, Grant Skinner who all took part in our FOTB special.

You can find the videos at:
Digital Storytelling – Creative Technology in the Newsroom and Beyond
Flash Contracting
Re-Architecting the Designer-Developer Workflow
Managing a Monster Flash Project
Robotlegs & Signals: A Match Made in Heaven
Arduino & ActionScript
Flash on the Beach: The Aftermath

First up this month, Filip Visnjic will be doing a session titled ‘Apps that Inspire’, and following him will be James Alliban with a session on ‘AS3 → openFrameworks: Taking the Next Step’.

London Flash Platform User Group November 2010 (25/11/2010)

Sponsored by Skive, Flextras & Teknision.

Hands-On Unity3D

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

We still have a few places left for the repeat dates of the LFPUG training taking place next week, Hands-On Unity3D with Bartek Drozdz.

Hands-On Unity3D

Hands-On Unity3D 15th-16th November 2010
Hands-On Unity3D 17th-18th November 2010

This will be the last time LFPUG will be putting on any Unity3D training for while so don’t miss out thinking we’ll be repeating it again soon.

I’m Back

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Yeah its been a while.

After being hacked back in July I’m happy to say that this blog is back up and running.

I lost a couple of posts and I’ve not been able to import the old categories due to the mess things were in, but hopefully all the comments are back in place. Also if you were subscribed to comments this will have been lost.