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Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

I know its been very quiet here of late, but I’ve been pretty active on our Google Code.

A couple of weeks go someone who’d checked out the source left a post asking what Rect was for and how it differed from the Rect found in FXG. I thought it was about time I wrote a post to cover it.

I was building a dashboard component for a client a couple of weeks back, much like the one found on the main BBC homepage, or iGoogle, where you can add/removed and rearrange the position of the items shown. Much like those I wanted to show the user where the new item would be dropped with a rectangle that had a dashed stroke, and I wanted to be able to defined this in my skin, in MXML using a dropIndicator, to keep things nice and readable.

The problem is that Flash doesn’t support different stroke types, just different weights, and Adobe’s implementation of FXG also doesn’t allow for different stroke types. It’s true I could have drawn it with a complex Path, but then it wouldn’t have scaled correctly.

So I set about getting some primitive classes together where I could specify custom stoke types the result of which are below. You can also specify custom fill types, although I’m not sure they’ll be as useful as we already have BitmapFill. Using a the lineBitmapStyle() method for the stroke just didn’t cut it as the BitmapData needs to change depending on the direction of the stroke.

I’ve covered the primitives that are included in FXG, but the code is by no means complete and still needs some work to support missing drawing methods, and to fully implement some of the methods that are included.

I’ve also added 2 types of stroke, SolidColorDash (probably the most useful), and SolidColorHatch.

The classes Dash and Hatch can also be used in pure AS if required (props to Senocular where the basis for these classes was lifted).


London Flash Platform User Group June 2010

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

My thanks go out to Matt Pollitt, Juan Delgado & Richard Leggett for presenting at LFPUG last month. The videos can be found in the presentations section.

First up this month, Alastair Dant from The Guardian will be doing a session titled ‘Digital Storytelling’, and following him will be David Fox with a session on ‘Flash Contracting’.

London Flash Platform User Group 24th June 2010 (24/06/2010)

Sponsored by Flash on the Beach & friends of ED.

Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2 Released

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Flash Player 10.1

Some of Flash Player 10.1 new features…

  • Consistent development and delivery
  • Global error handling
  • Designed for mobility
  • Expanded options for high quality media delivery
  • Download Flash Player 10.1

    AIR 2

    Some of AIR 2 new features…

  • Native Process API
  • Open documents with the user’s default application
  • Microphone data access
  • Mass storage device detection
  • Updated, faster WebKit with enhanced support for HTML5 and CSS3
  • Multi-touch
  • New networking support including UDP and server sockets
  • Screen reader support
  • Reduced CPU usage on idle
  • Up to 30% reduction in memory usage without recompiling an application
  • Download AIR 2
    Official AIR 2 blog post by Arno Gourdol
    AIR 2 Release Notes (references the list of new features)

    Kudos to both teams and all involved!