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Friday, May 21st, 2010

NOTE: This class has now been replaced, please refer to CarouselLayout.

So it’s about time I punted out some layouts that I have hanging around, most of which are all based upon NavigatorLayoutBase.

NavigatorLayoutBase can be considered a base layout class for use with our navigators (NavigatorGroup, Navigator, DataNavigatorGroup, DataNavigator, BorderDataNavigator), but can also be used with the standard Flex 4 containers/controls. I published an example of StackLayout some time ago which lays a container out as a ViewStack (i.e. a single child at a time), which is the default layout class for our navigators.

SemiCarouselLayout has a couple of classes in between NavigatorLayoutBase.

  • EasedNavigatorLayoutBase – eases the layout from state to state.
  • PerspectiveNavigatorLayoutBase – allows customization of the PerspectiveProjection applied to the layout target.
  • SemiCarouselLayout lays the children out as if they in the front half of a carousel. Means its not a complete carousel it means the number of items can be infinite without affecting the number of visible items. There’s a few options for the layout which are easiest to describe with an example, so I’ve implement the layout with a couple of components below… (drag and drop is still to be implemented)


    Flex 4: ExcludeSelectionList

    Friday, May 14th, 2010

    This component was in part inspired by some work Steven Shongrunden had done and a task that we had on a job.

    We didn’t want to have to change our data objects to hold a hard coded value to check whether the item should be selectable or not as in Steve’s version so I came up with this.

    There’s 3 ways you can specify to exclude an item from being is selectable.

  • You can add a type to exclude using excludeType, or a lost of types to exclude using excludeTypes.
  • You can add a index to exclude using excludeIndex, or a list of indices to exclude using excludeIndices.
  • You can specify a function that returns true or false on whether the item should be selectable using excludeFunction. The function takes 2 paremeters, the first an int which is the index of the item, and the second an Object which is the item itself.
  • The example below shows each of these being used, but you could also use a combination of the 3 methods above to exclude items.


    London Flash Platform User Group May 2010

    Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

    Huge thanks to both Jodie O’Rourke and Alex Rogers for their presentations at last months meeting. The videos, presentations and source files in the presentations section.

    First up this month, Matt Pollitt & Juan Delgado with on Developing Flash Apps to Run 24/7, following him seasoned LFPUG speaker Richard Leggett is back with a session on the multiplying platform Android.

    London Flash Platform User Group 27th May 2010 (27/05/2010)

    Sponsored by Flash on the Beach & friends of ED.

    We still have places left on our training course The Beginners Guide to Away 3D. To book a place on this course please contact training AT