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Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Recently I was using Adobe’s AutoComplete component and a problem cropped up, it applies a filter to the original dataProvider assigned to it.

This was a problem because I was using the AutoComplete to give the user some sort of code completion on a list of classes, and I had multiple instances of this AutoComplete component in my application. When the user used an AutoComplete component, the original collection used as the dataProvider was filtered which meant that any previously selected items in other AutoComplete instances had a good chance of being removed from the list.

You can see this in the example by selected ‘United Kingdom’ in the first AutoComplete component, then typing the letter ‘A’ in the second, and you’ll see that the first component no longer retains its selectedItem, as it is no longer in its dataProvider.

CollectionClone can be used to duplicate a collection before assigning it as a dataProvider, leaving the original dataProvider unfiltered, and only filtering the clone. It will keep an eye on the original collection for any changes, and make sure that they are all reflected in the cloned collection.

CollectionClone Example

The source for CollectionClone and be downloaded from our Google Code repository

London Flash Platform User Group August 2009

Monday, August 17th, 2009

As usual my thanks go out to our 2 presenters last month, Matthew Press and Gilles Guillemin. Both presentations, source, video etc can be found in the presentations section.

This month, first up we have Conrad Winchester with a session on FlexUnit4 & Hudson. Following him with be Keita Kuroki with a session on creating dynamic sound in Flash Player 10.

Also worth mentioning that we still have some places left to our 2 day training with the legendary Keith Peters in September, more info here.

On a side note if your wondering why it’s been quiet here of late, it’s mainly because any spare time I get I’ve been putting into Efflex.