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Efflex v0.02

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Last night I uploaded a new SWC for Efflex that should hopefully address the major issues that were apparent.

Other Changes

The following affects have been added:

org.efflex.viewStackEffects.Scroll has been renamed to

There is also a new explorer at


Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Not so long ago I was working with the XIFF library again and I needed to show a list of contacts.

The contact datum is represented in XIFF as an ArrayCollection containing ArrayCollections.

Roster extends ArrayCollection and contains a property called ‘groups’ which also extends ArrayCollection.
The ‘groups’ ArrayCollection contains RosterGroup items, which also extend ArrayCollection, and each of these contain RosterItemVO’s (the actual contact).

The RosterGroup ArrayCollection represent the groups that you arrange your contacts in, including an offline group, and a RosterItemVO represents an individual contact.

So we have something like…



I took a look at what they were doing in SparkWeb, but they had, what seemed to me, an extremely complicated way of displaying the data, when a Tree control should be able to do the job, the only problem being that a Tree didn’t want to work with ArrayCollections. To the rescue ArrayCollectionDataDescriptor!

ArrayCollectionDataDescriptor Example (right click for example source)

As you can see in the example, the objects passed into the Tree as the dataProvider need to have a property to be used at the label, so you can’t use an ArrayCollection as it is (if you do, it’ll do toString() on it for the label of the folder and you’ll get a list of your objects), so you just need to extend ArrayCollection (as they have in XIFF) and give it a property to use for the label.

The source for the ArrayCollectionDataDescriptor can be found in our Google Code Library.

Permanent Flash Developer Required

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Naked Pengiun Boy, a London based agency are looking for an experienced Flash Developer or a graduate with an excellent portfolio.

As a leading New Media Agency, based in London, we focus on the entertainment industry – specifically film, music, e-gaming and sport. With clients including MTV, Paramount, Universal Pictures and Ladbrokes.

Essential skills:
- Flash (ActionScript 2.0/3.0)

Any previous games development will be a bonus to your application, as will experience with PHP and MySQL.

Please see for further details.

London Flash Platform User Group May (June) 2009

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Firstly huge thanks to both Seb and Carlos from the Papervision3D team for coming down and presenting last month. As usual you can find the videos in the presentations category. Apologies to all those who were crammed standing at the back, or just left due to capacity reasons. I’ve been ensured by the venue that if we have large numbers again we can still use the upstairs space which provides a bit more room.

This month (or I guess it will be next month) LFPUG won’t take place on the usual last Thursday of the month as I will be out in Boston at Flash on Tap, therefore we have decided to move the event to the following Thursday, the 4th June.

We’ll be looking at 2 ‘fairly’ new Adobe technologies. First up Thomas Vian will be doing a session on Alchemy and following him Michael Chase will be doing a session on Pixel Bender.

London Flash Platform User Group 4th June 2009 (04/06/2009)

Sponsored by friends of ED.

Flash on Tap: 18 days and Counting

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

My flights are booked and confirmed (Virgin Atlantic no less) and I’m really looking forward to heading out to Boston for the first time and hooking up with friends there, and other from around the globe.

I’ve decided in conjunction with Flash on Tap, and after leaving the v0.01 broken version of Efflex online for some time now, to stick the v0.02 SWC up that I’ve had for some time, which should fix most peoples issues. I wasn’t sure whether to keep the project free but all those asking can rest assured I will upload the SWC once I touch down at the conference.