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Cross Platform Request Nightmare

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Back when CS3 was released I was incorrectly sent a Windows version. Since then I’ve wanted to change it to Mac OS X which has been extremely frustrating and time consuming. Below is a rundown of the contact I had with Adobe, but the most frustrating thing was the correspondence from Adobe was extremely robot like. I constantly asked where I should file a complaint, but Adobe never address questions sent to them, instead ignoring what was written to them and responding in how they seen fit.

First contact with Adobe to get a cross platform conversion.

I was asked to prove where I had got the copy of Flash CS3 was from.

I sent proof that I’d got the copy of Flash CS3 direct from Adobe.

Adobe responded asking me to sign and send back a Letter of Software Destruction.

Adobe chased me up for the above (obviously my postman doesn’t wear a rocket pack).

Adobe confirms they had received the above letter and the case had been escalated. They would get back to me.

Adobe conformed approval of the cross platform request, and ask me to contact them to make payment for shipping costs. I phoned them to make this payment.

Adobe confirmed that the company credit card had been declined and advised I contact the bank to allow the charge from Adobe.

At this point I gave up. We were busy, needed another copy of Flash, and just installed an older version I had hanging around. I knew the company credit card was fine, as I used it on a daily basis, the bank said Adobe hadn’t tried to take any payment, and Adobe said the card was declined.

I decided to have another crack and changing the platform.