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Don’t Buy T-Mobile

Friday, October 26th, 2007

That is, don’t buy T-Mobile if you want reliable network.

They offer a great web package, but there network is just shite. I know a few people on T-Mobile and quite often when I phone them I’m told I have phoned an incorrect number. You try again, knowing full well the number is correct and get the same message. If your persistant and keep trying all of a sudden it will ring and you’ll get through. If your a business and give out your number to clients, and someone phones it and gets that message, they are unlikley to try over and over again until it works as they will believe the message they hear. I also know that the same happens when people try and phone me.

I went to the Big Chill this year with a few people. All their phones worked fine except the 2 of use on T-Mobile who had no connection at all. Same for Nottinghill Carnival. Everyone is standing around me phoning and texting there friends and although I had a connection to their network, I couldn’t send or recieve texts of calls in the area of the carnival over the 2 days.

Now their network is completely down except if you are phoning T-Mobile, which I just did. I’m told that they don’t compensate for the whole network going down or any of the above because they have covered themselves in their contract. I’m also told by the T-Mobile representative that is quite common when people phone a T-Mobile phone they get told its an incorrect number, and that it happens to him. They never advertised this on their site or told me about this when they signed up.

If you have problems with T-Mobile speak out, and if your thinking about joining them, but need a reliable phone I would suggest looking elsewhere.

Adding Subclipse to Flex Builder 3 Standalone

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Great post on getting Subclipse up and running inside Flex Builder 3.0 standalone.

Tested on both OSX and Windows.

Adding Subclipse to Flex Builder 3 Standalone

Speaker Costs 360Flex

Friday, October 19th, 2007

The guys over at 360Flex have a post on covering speaker costs and a survey here.

This goes back to the same discussion community members were having with Adobe a while back about Max. The discussion isn’t ‘pay me for my time when preparing a presentation and my time whilst I’m at the conference’ but, that flights and hotels are covered. There 2 points I thought i’d give my views on.

1. Food – 360Flex see food as being important, it is their biggest cost at a conference, coming out at 67% of the total cost at the last conference. Thats $260 per attendee, when a ticket was $360. The feeling is that this brings people together, as everyone stays in the same room.

In my experience I’ve met so many people going out getting food, and at the same time I actually get to experience a bit of the city, instead of being locked down in a hotel for 3 days. A couple of free beers each evening, soon get people mixing and losing inhabitions. I do not go to a conference for food (unless its a food conference, one of which I’ve never attended).

2. Expenses – 360Flex see this model as speakers ‘giving back to the community’.

The people they ask to speak have been giving back to the community, thats why they have been asked to speak. Making them cover their expenses costs these community members money, when they have been providing for the community, in some cases, for many years.

The great thing about the guys at 360Flex is that they want to listen, and what more can you ask for?

So go give 360Flex your thoughts.

London Flash Platform User Group October 2007

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Big thanks to Jolyon Russ for his presentaions last month. Both last months presentations are online in the presentations category over at LFPUG.

An Introduction to AS3: The First 5 Things You’ll Want to do With ActionScript 3
PV3D Effects for Flex

Also huge thanks to our new sponsors Influxis, who are now hosting and streaming all our video content.

This month with have processing guru Karsten Schmidt up first doing a session titled ‘Beyond Flash: Computational Design with Processing’. Following him will be Zoltan Csaki, one part of the new t-shirt company, the-affair, giving us an insight into one of the companies products with, ‘Creating T-shirts with Flash’.

We also have some great processing books this month (Processing: Creative Coding and Computational Art for the raffle from the ever faithful friends of Ed.

London Flash Platform 25th October 2007 (25/10/2007)

Stateful Skins in Flex

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Nahuel Foronda has a post on stateful skins in the Flex 3.0, cool stuff that this has been added in Flex 3.0 beta 2, but not really biggy to re-create in previous versions of Flex 3.0.

Pretty pointless but all I did was copy all of Nahuel’s code (I had to change the paths to the images), and then just added a single switch statement.

Example here, right click for source.

I thought you’d be able to recreate this easily in Flex 2.0, but it becomes a pain because a Button in Flex 2.0 doesn’t have a ‘skin’ style. Creating your own button with this style should solve it though.

Flash on the Beach Schedule 2007

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Flash on the Beach is fast approaching, and as last year I thought I’d post my planned schedule of sessions to attend.

Day 1
09:00 Keynote – Overview of Flash CS3 Professional – Richard Galvan
11:30 Story. Branding. Visual design – Chris Orwig
13:30 Adobe AIR for Interactive Designers – Lee Brimelow
14:45 The rest of the iceberg – Hoss Gifford
16:00 Breaking away – Robert Hodgin
20:00 If it aint broke – break it! – Brendan Dawes
21:00 PARTY!!

Day 2
09:00 Flex and ActionScript 3 Worst Practices – Ted Patrick
10:15 Pixel Perfect: Photoshop Production Tips for Flash Designers – Michael Ninness
11:30 2D or not 2D that is the question – Mario Klingemann
13:30 Next Generation Websites with Papervision3D – Carlos Ulloa
14:45 Flashing Flex – Me!
16:00 – Joshua Davis
20:00 Beyond the Knowledge: The Art of Playing – Erik Natzke
21:00 PARTY!!

Day 3
09:00 Adobe Town Hall Meeting – Adobe
10:15 Sound B(y)tes – Rich Shupe
11:30 Klangfabrik – Andre Michelle
13:30 The Nooks and Crannies of ActionScript 3 – Branden Hall
14:45 Play! – The ‘art’ of not getting too serious – Andries Odendaal
16:00 Algorithms to Fill Space – Jared Tarbell

I’m really looking forward to hooking up with friends and acquaintances from around the world, both new and old, and also meeting those in new positions/additions to the Adobe team.

You can see the full schedule at Tickets are selling fast, so if you plan on going and haven’t got your ticket yet, you’d best be quick.

Last year was a blast, this years going to be bigger and better. Bring it on!

For those who moaned that last years post was sexist, I’ve compd this together. Lighten up ;) !

Flash on the beach

PV3DEffects for Flex Presentation Blazed!

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Last month at the LFPUG I gave a presentation with the aim to give attendees some knowledge about Flex effects in general, how the small Papervision3D effects for Flex framework works, and how users can use these classes to create their own effects.

I run LFPUG pretty much alone and put a lot of time and effort into getting a decent meeting together each month. We are an independent user group, as thats what our users choose to remain.

I like to think of it as a place where people can share ideas, code, concepts and also test out the water at presenting certain subjects. I also welcome anyone to present (except those out to adevrtise alone), to hone their presenting skills, and for many, its the first time they have stood up and spoke infront of the public. I personally present on a regular basis at LFPUG filling any empty slots, and sometimes I just don’t have the time to spend days getting materials ready, and doing dummy runs before presenting live.

In hindsight, watching the video back it would have made more sense to show these effects in action before diving into the code and would have been nice to have had some graphics and UML showing the framework and how it links together as I was explaining it.

That said I came across a post by an attendee, that was just downright rude. You can view the offending post here and the presentation files and video here .

I can’t reply to this post as the blog throws an error when I try to post a comment ‘WordPress database error: [Duplicate entry '0' for key 1]‘, and therefore I decided to reply here.


360Flex Europe

Monday, October 8th, 2007

360Flex Europe is on!

Taking place at the StarHotels Business Palace in Milan on 7th-9th April 2008 at a price of €360 (roughly £250) or €250 for groups of 4 or more.

You can keep up-to-date with the progress of things at the 360Flex Europe blog.

Places are limited to 360, so you’d better be quick! Registration here.

Adobe Image Foundation

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

By now you must have heard about the Adobe Image Foundation code-named Hydra, and as usually with anything new in the Flash Player Tinic has a nice informative post.

Hydra is a programming language used to implement image processing algorithms in a hardware-independent manner.

Joa already has a load of examples here, here and here and Mario also has a few examples up here and here.

You can download the AIF toolkit here and Kevin Goldsmith’s blog is worth keeping an eye on as well as Tinic’s for more info.

Papervision3D Effects for Flex Source

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

I’ve put another two examples together and uploaded the source (you will need to download the Papervision3D source as well).

There’s still a lot of work to do on these to tidy them up, and ideally I’ll get them up on Subversion, but for now if anyone has ideas for improvements etc, please post in the comments.

Cube, Flip, Rotate and Zoom.

View examples and right click for source.

NOTE: For those interested, the presentation and notes from LFPUG on this subject can be found here.

UPDATE: Jörg Birkhold has updated the source so that they work with Papervision3D 2.0/Great White. The source is available on his blog at Thanks Jörg!