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OSX Utils

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

I came to install some software today and found that I didn’t have enough space. I really couldn’t work out where the 100GB had disappeared to and was recommended Disk Inventory X which is a great free little tool that gives you quick access to the size of folders and files and a tree map representation of the space they are using (sounds like another tool you could build in Apollo).

Also a nice little plugin is WiFind which shows you the signal strength of wireless networks and whether they are locked of not directly in the airport menu. Now why didn’t Apple think of that!

Miserable Bank Holiday: Don’t Let the Neighbours Chill!

Monday, May 28th, 2007

It’s wet and windy outside, everyone’s off work, so it’s a great chance to dub out your neighbours.

Boost up your speakers, max out the bass and ignore the door!

After Dark 08/05/2007

London Flash Platform User Group May 2007

Monday, May 28th, 2007

First of all thanks to Robin Wong and Rachel Hunt and Sam Court from Agency Republic for their presentation last month (video coming soon).

We’ve recently added videos for A Usability Approach to Accessible Flash – Niqui Merret, Play: Rediscovering Fun – Aral Blakan, Adobe® Creative Suite® 3 Web Premium (Adobe Special) – Steve Burnard and last but not least Apollo (Adobe Special) – Mike Downey.

The next meeting is the 31st May, at Cosmobar.

First up Richard Lord will be doing a session on physics for Flash games, and for the second session I will be stepping up to the plate to do a session on whats new in Flash CS3.

Sponsored for friends of ED.

London Flash Platform 31st May 2007 (31/05/2007)

Bi-Directional Text Support for Flash Player 10

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Matt Chotin announced on the Flex Components list that bi-directional text is commited for the next version of the Flash Player also confirmed by Emmy Huang yesterday.

To address the shortcomings and limitations, we are improving the text layout capabilities in the next Flash Player so that at a low level it will enable support of bi-di and complex text in your applications. The new low level text framework will be used to build text components (probably a library of text components) with greater functionality than what we have today.

I’m surprised the blogosphere is so quiet about it, as its been a requested feature from the community for ages.

This is a massive upgrade for the Flash Player, opening up and huge new market for Flash and Flex.

No Roadmap for Flash Media Encoder for OSX

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

If you haven’t heard of Adobe’s Flash Media Encoder its a product that captures audio and video and enables you to stream it live to FMS or FVSS and/or create a hard copy of the FLV on your local disc

We use the encoder at LFPUG to stream live video pretty sucessfull most of te time, but it only runs on a PC and Windows (yep it won’t even run on Windows in Parallels on your Mac). More and more people in the Flash community are turning to Mac and we now actually rely on 2 people at the user group to be able to kick out the stream for us.

I spoke to Kevin Towes (who’s blog I can’t find) at FiTC who is the Adobe Technical Product Manager for Flash Media Server and he told me there were no plans at this point in time for a Mac version of the encoder. Adobe are really pushing the cross platform thing and yet with this product, its just not seen as important.

I was told by Kevin that I should send him an email with a request, as the more people that request something the more likely it is to happen. With this in mind I thought I’d make this post and try and get a bit of a petition together so that Adobe can see how important it is for Mac users to have acess to this product (I hope this doesn’t backfire).

So if you a Mac user and you want to be able to use this product please leave a comment below so I can show Adobe how important it is that this product is cross platform.

Designers Conferences: What About Theory?

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

I’ve had a great time again here at OFFF but I can’t help thinking that designers aren’t really getting the best out of conferences like this.

Most presentations here go along the lines of, ‘”this is me, this is were I was born, this is where I live now” and then the rest of the presentation continues with “I’ve done this, then I’ve done this, and I’ve done this, then I did this”, with the presenter just rolling through a load of their work.

It’s always inspiring to see other peoples work but its also extremely useful to find out the theory and the process behind the end result. This is something thats really lacking from most the presentations here, and yet designers don’t seem to realize or moan about it.

Maybe its a cop out on their part as it’s a lot easier to sit in a room and look at a load of cool inspiring work, than to actually learn what was involved in the work and how the end result was achieved. I’m not so much talking about the technical stuff (i.e. the code etc) as OFFF is a creative conference, but more about the ideas behind each piece and the path to the end result. Don’t designers want to learn how to improve their work by the process involved in creating it?

It’s definitely a cop out on presenters as there’s really very little planning involved in listing and showing the work you have already completed (although it really seems to be what the mass audience want).

OFFF is great if you want to be inspired, but don’t expect to learn much.

OFFF 2007

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

I’ve just arrived out at OFFF in Barcelona with Adam.

Maybe I’ll actually make it to a few sessions this year (I only caught the last one last year).

If your over here and you see me do come and say hello. Oh and its my B’day tomorrow so thats a good excuse to get slaughtered!

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Creative Suite 3 Trials

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

A couple of people have told me these are harder to find than usual.

Creative Suite 3 Trials, Flash CS3 Professional.

FiTC 2007

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Things are beginning to come back under control and I really wanted to do a little write up to thank Shawn and eveyone involved in FiTC for a great conference. The team put hell of a lot of effort in behind the scenes (any of you up in the early hours of the morning hiding from hotel security with me will know what I’m on about).

There we’re some great sessions and great parties (I think FiTC has the best parties of all the conferences), and there is a great mix of people who attend FiTC.

Favourite sessions where the Red5 session with Chris and John what showcasing some of the experimental sound stuff they have been working on and Marcos Weskcamp’s session which he talked through some of his experimental work and then the theory and some of the code behind one of his recent works for Wieden+Kennedy.

As usual I met a load of real cool people out there, some that I already knew and some that I met for the first time so thanks to everyone who made my stay fun! I know I have a load of people to get in touch with, just bear with me.

If you get a chance to go to FiTC in Toronto, don’t miss it!

Also thanks to Keith and Sam for putting me up.

Adobe Live 2007

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

Yeah I’m back! Been really busy of late so I have some posts to catch up on. First up I thought I’d mention Adobe live which is happening later this year on 5/6th June 2007 @ Business Design Centre, Islington, London.

Want to be inspired? Want a concentrated hit of creative energy? Want to learn how Adobe Creative Suite(r) 3 will change the way you work and create?

Adobe Live will feed your imagination. Whatever you’re into, this annual two-day feast will help you turn your creative vision into reality – on the page, on the screen, in print or on the web.

Explore the latest integrated creative tools from Adobe: Creative Suite 3

* Get more of the tips and tricks you love

* Delve deeper with our new hands-on training sessions

* Be inspired by some of the industry’s best known experts

* Discover the wider world of creative solutions in our exclusive partner expo: it really is a one-stop chance to sample the world of complementary hardware, software and services.

* Also featuring two exclusive events for developers

Come for one day or two – it costs absolutely nothing to attend and give your creativity the nourishment it deserves.

Click here for full details and registration.