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Flex Builder Shortcuts

Monday, October 30th, 2006

Here’s a list of useful shortcuts for Flex Builder skanked from David Zuckerman and some added in the comments by Douglas Knudsen.


Usability is as important as Design (FWA)

Friday, October 27th, 2006

Fingal is a great looking site, but the usuability really hasn’t been thought about and it isn’t built that well. I don’t understand how this site made it onto FWA?

If you in an area of a Flash site, you shouldn’t be able to click on the navigation to show that area again. The navigation should clearly show hats the area your in, and the button on the navigation should be disabled. On Fingal if you click on ‘About us’ and let the transition in, you can the click on ‘About Us’ again. The section will transition out, and then back in again. Why would you want this to happen???

If a site has been developed well you shouldn’t have to disable the menu in between transitions. Its a cheap solution to just disable all navigation when a movie is transitioning. I much prefer to see that the transitions are managed well so that at any point in any transition if the user selects another area the movie is able to cope with the users selection.

Finally the news sections shows the text ‘deafaultValue’? Try clicking on ‘News’ and letting the section transition in. Now click on any other area and the text display in the news feed shows ‘defaultValue’. Not very professional at all.

It’s disappointing to me to find such a low attention to usability, when so much detail has gone into the design and illustration. It also disappointing to see that this is listed on FWA ,when in my opinion it is a pretty poor site. A site that works crap, but looks good, is crap.

Flex Builder 2 for Mac is here

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Finally the Mac version of Flex Builder 2 is in beta and available on Labs. This could mean the end of Windows for me.

I can only presume this has been specially released so I have use it in my presentation tonight ;) .

Go get it!

London Flash Platform User Group October 2006

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

Big thanks to Richard Leggett and Johannes Nel for their presentations last month.

This month we’re at a new venue called The Bear in Farringdon. Again we have 2 sessions lined up.

First up Rob Bateman will be doing a session on ‘Optimising Visual Interfaces for the Human Brain’ and I’ll be be doing a preview of of my session ‘Introduction to Flex 2.0 for Flash Developers’ in preparation for Flash on the Beach.

All past videos of presentations have now been added to the site and are streaming using FMS thanks to Stefan. You can view a list of the past sessions here.

I also have to thank Adam for his work on the Word Press sign-up plugin which is still in development, but now in use on the site, MoreMX for providing us with free bandwidth, enabling use to stream the video live (no live stream this month due to no Internet at the venue), Akamai for providing hosting for the videos, friends of ED for their constant support and Flash on the Beach who are sponsoring this months event and Media Temple for supplying our hosting.

London Flash Platform User Group 25th October 2006 (25/10/2006).

Design Charts

Friday, October 13th, 2006

I came across Design Charts today. It lists to top 40 websites each week by aggregating other sites that list awarded websites.

At the moment its only aggregating 5, and not what I consider to be the main listing site of this kind, Favourite Website Awards, but its a great idea and quite a nice site in itself.

Design Charts

webDU Open for Papers

Thursday, October 12th, 2006

Just a quick reminder that wedDU is open for papers. All Submissions are due by Monday, 6 November 2006.

If you’ve never been down under, webDU is a great excuse to go. I had a blast there last year!