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A Close Shave

Monday, February 27th, 2006

In the middle of last year I set myself a task of growing a badass beard! I think I did quite well, but it was time to get rid of it, so this weekend I shaved it all off and I am now back to my normal self. Here’s the pics mid shave :) .


Moderator at

Saturday, February 25th, 2006

The other day i was added as a moderator on the forums.

Its a pleasure to be part of the team there as it was on these forums that i took my first tentative steps into the world of ActionScript and coding in general with red penguin and pixelwit always coming to the rescue.

I’ll be moderating on the three forums under the Flex header, Flex 2 Product Family, ActionScript 3.0 (which i wish wasn’t just under that header as you don’t have to use the Flex framework to use AS 3.0 but i guess its understandable for now) and Flex 1.

So if you have any questions or problems relating to these subjects, go and post away and hopefully i’ll be able to help out.

Drinkin’ Bear

Friday, February 24th, 2006

placeholder for flash movie

Flash Quicktag plugin for WordPress

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

This plugin is nice a simeple to install and works a treat. It embeds using XHTML. Just click on the quicktag in your admin control panel and it prompts for the file path, width, height and BG color of your flash movie.

UPDATE – I’m no longer using Flash Quicktag. Instead I’m now using WP-SWFObject, which uses SWFObject.

Feedup with the Flash StartPage?

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006

Well if you are Mr Skinner has put a new one together.

SXSW Web Awards Finalists

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006

SXSW have put up their list of finalists.

Nice to see a recent acquatence from the Humber + RIT Interactive Design Charrette 2006, Bill Klingensmith listed with his Drive Project. He kept this one quiet until just now!

London MMUG Feb 2006

Saturday, February 4th, 2006

This month, we have two exciting presentations:

Adobe recently released the public Beta of Flex, including Flex Enterprise Services (FES). In this session, Aral Balkan will take you through the latest changes in Beta 1 and provide and overview of where Flex is heading and why you should care.

We also have our first presentation ever on After Effects by Vishal Shah. Compositions in Time will look a some key features within After Effects. The presentation will cover basics and introduce you to techniques such as image masking, time mapping, layering multiple video images, keyframe animation and combining the still image with moving image media.

More info and register

MXNA in Eclipse

Friday, February 3rd, 2006

Aral posted yesterday about opening MXNA in Eclipse to save you from switching to your browser all the time if you a blog addict.

I gave this a go but didn’t find it that usefull as Eclipse’s internal browser sat in a different panel to the main coding panel. Therefore when you want to switch to MXNA you have to resize the panel its in, which takes longer than just switching to you browser.

Then Rich pointed out that there was a quick launch area. You can drag and drop views to the very bottom left and it creates a little icon. Clicking on the icon will open the view above all other content. You can set its size to whatever you want and it preserves this size the next time is opened. So now to look at MXNA i just have to toggle this icon.

Note you can drag and drop multiple views into this quick launch area. Nice!

Avoid the Alliance & Leicester

Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

If you’re starting a business you’ll expect everyone to pull out all the stops on your behalf. Staff, suppliers and most importantly your business bank. That’s why it’s essential you don’t fall for the first high street bank you see and think wisely about your long-term needs.

Fortunately, at Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank, we’ve got your interests at heart and offer you real value for money from the start.

Our award winning Business Builder Current Account offers 2 years free banking to ensure your new venture gets off to the best possible start.

Award winning my arse. I like t know who the hell is giving these awards out!! I joined the Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank (or tried to) back in June 2005.

1. It took 4 months to finally get an account open. This involved them losing forms. Me going into Alliance & Leicester and getting them to photocopy and sign the docs, which once recieve they said were illegible (even though they took and sent the copies) and just a them generally not having a clue what they are doing. every time you phone you have to go through the whole process again. When i finally did get the account open I didn’t get a card so I could withdraw money.

2. After phoning and asking for a card they said they would send one in the post. I asked if it would be recorded delivery as I would be out the country (at Spark Europe). They said no it would be normal delivery. I get back and have a note saying i wasn’t in for a recorded delivery. I phone up Alliance & Leicester and tell them i don’t have the card and I have a recorded delivery slip. They guarentee me that it won’t be their card, they cancelled the card and sent another out, again making it clear it won’t be recorded delivery. I go a collect my missed letter a couple of days later and its the bloody cancelled card. A week after that i finally get another card delivered and again it was recorded delivery.

3. After the months of getting this sorted I still didn’t have any Internet access to the account. I ask for this in November 2005 and am told to fill out a new form. I then get a phone call 2 weeks later saying that I can’t get an Internet account until the beginning of February 2006. Have i heard anything?

4. I now try and book the flight on my card and behold they don’t accept Visa Electron. I phone Alliance & Leicester and apparently they don’t trust me enough to let me have a proper card until i’ve been with them at least 6 months although the account is way in credit.

These guys are idiots. I would highly suggest you avoid the Alliance & Leicester at all costs and they will cost you so much time, which as we all know means money.

If anyone has got any recommendations for business accounts or accountants please leave a comment

Flex 2.0 in beta

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

Go download the beta of Flex 2.0 and get involved.