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Seminar By The Sea

Sunday, September 25th, 2005

Join the experts for a day of Flash 8 in Brighton on 24th October 2005

One day to get up to speed with Flash 8 Professional, with session upon session from experts who have been using the software since its beta release, includng myself, Aral Balkan, Guy Watson, Richard Leggett and Rob Bateman.

More info and sigup.

FileReference Source

Sunday, September 25th, 2005

Better late than never!

I’ve finally got round to creating 2 seperate examples that i can provide the source for. There’s a upload example, and a download example using the FileRefence object in Flash 8.

You can download the source from the download example or from here.

You will need to set the file permissions on the ‘uploadedFiles’ folder included when uploaded to you server so that it will accept uploads.

Publish and Test

Saturday, September 24th, 2005

Heres a tiny weeney JSFL Command wrapped in an MXP written by my buddy Dan Wood, who I’m working with at the moment.

I’ve been working with lots of external SWF’s that load into a main movie. This command publishes the movie your currently working on and then tests the movie that was opened first (which if your sensible will be your main movie ;) ). This means you don’t have to test your current movie, switch the your main movie, test that, and then switch back to the movie you were working on. Run this and all will be well.

Cheers Dan!



Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

Last week i joined IFBIN as an author.

IFBIN is a software subscription service licensed annually. It provides examples from the leading Flash® developers in the world under a common source code license.

The team will also deliver solutions to your requests to the best of our ability. As an IFBIN customer, your example requests receive priority in development and your get source access to all the solutions we develop. “Directed Development” allows IFBIN to support your team by addressing your problems with working solutions.

I’m privileged and proud to be one of the people on the amazing list of authors.

Mobile Workflow in Flash 8 Professional

Sunday, September 4th, 2005

There is a nice new Breeze presentation that walks you through the new mobile authoring features in Flash Professional 8 produced by Bill Perry, Macromedia’s Developer Relations Manager for Mobile and Devices.

Mobile Workflow in Flash 8 Professional.

To use this or not to use this

Sunday, September 4th, 2005

this is the question…

This conversation has cropped up again in my work. As far as I’m concerned its not a question at all. You should always use the keyword ‘this’ throughout your classes to explicitly show the path to the object you are accessing or function your invoking.

Its been argued to me that it mucks up with scoping in your class but this is just not the case. When ‘this’ is used correctly you wouldn’t get any scoping problems, this is a case of not understanding scopes properly.

Its also been argued to me that it makes the class look ugly and less readable. Looking ugly is personal preference so I haven’t got a point to argue here except that it probably wouldn’t take too long to get used to it. Less readable? I would argue it makes code cleaner and more readable because the path is defined.

Use ‘this’ all the time!

London MMUG 15/09/2005

Sunday, September 4th, 2005

Flash 8 special!

We have a great event planned to celebrate the release of studio 8.

Aral Balkan, London MMUG director, and Ian Turner, Managing Director, Northern Europe, Macromedia will be doing an introduction, then Mike Downey, Product Manager Flash, Macromedia all the way from the San Fransisco will doing a Presentation & Demonstration of Flash 8 Professional. After the coffee break we will be having some short specific demonstrations of Flash 8 Professional including one by myself on the FileReference object.

More info and sign up.

Leo Burnett

Saturday, September 3rd, 2005

Get hold of that big black pencil and draw your way round the agencies site.
Loved it.

Leo Burnett